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Save $$$ thanks to WHACC members!  Search the Deals & Discounts here and start saving. Let others know you found these savings through WHACC. Members: Do ...
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How to Make Your Business More Sustainable AND Profitable

How to Make Your Business More Sustainable AND Profitable

A sustainable business model comes with environmental and social security benefits. What some may not know (or believe) is that sustainability has the potential to ...
/ / Business Tips
Marvin Montgomery

Sales Tip #618: Limiting Belief

Sales Tip #618: Limiting Belief I have always said and truly believe in the statement, whether you think you can or you think you can’t ...
/ / Business Tips
First Federal Lakewood

Selecting the Right Technology and Tools

Technology is fascinating, changing daily, and confusing all at the same time. It can help keep you organized, handle tedious chores automatically, and connect you ...
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Acing the Basics of Grant Writing

Acing the Basics of Grant Writing

WHACC is happy to share this article sent to us by NOACC, originally written by marketer Christina R. Metcalf and distributed by FrankJKenny.com. Hiring a grant writer isn’t ...
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How to Protect Your Business from Competitors Who Sabotage Your Brand Online

The world of big business has always been cutthroat, but in recent years, brand sabotage has increased and gotten easier by the number of ways ...
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supply chain workarounds

Combatting Supply Chain Issues for Your Business Ahead of the Holidays

Supply chain issues, as well as inflation, continue to be a serious disruption in the operation of businesses across the globe. The U.S. Chamber of ...
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How Shop Owners and Customers Benefit from Small Business Saturday

How Entrepreneurs and Consumers Can Have a Successful Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday for 2022 will be recognized on November 26, which is only a few weeks away. The U.S. Small Business Administration says Small ...
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Marvin Montgomery

Sales Tip #616: Price Conditioning

Sales Tip #616: Price Conditioning Are you waiting until the end of the sale for the customer to tell you your price is too high? ...
/ / Business Tips
First Federal Lakewood

Managing Vendor Relationships

You need your suppliers. They need you as well. It is a win-win relationship between you and your vendors. However, it takes effort; it does ...
/ / Business Tips

A Better Way to Learn

The samurai-ninja-gangster way to ingest and digest ridiculous amounts of information is by saying: 1) “Hell No” to reading non-fiction books cover-to-cover, and 2) “Oh, ...
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Protecting a Business' Intellectual Property

A Guide to Protecting a Business’ Intellectual Property

The ideas you create for your business are your own. The real question is how you protect your ideas from becoming the property of someone ...
/ / Business Tips

Leaders Need to Let Creativity Flow

Is there such a thing as an unsolvable problem? I believe the answer is a resounding NO! Every problem has at least one solution. As ...
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First Federal Lakewood

Affordable Marketing Strategies for Startups

Although running a startup business can be exciting, there is much strategic planning involved to get customers without breaking your spending budget. By using minimal ...
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Marvin Montgomery

Sales Tip #614: Get Wisdom!

Sales Tip #614: Get Wisdom! Have you ever heard the statement, "A wise person said nothing"? So how do you gain that wisdom? You can ...
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grassroots marketing

Does grassroots marketing still work?

A grassroots marketing campaign can keep your costs low, grow your brand’s influence, and increase your business’ audience. With a highly-targeted approach to spreading your ...
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City of Warrensville Heights hosts open house at new Municipal Center on Richmond Road

The City of Warrensville Heights held an open house on Tuesday, October 18 from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. at its new municipal center on ...
Succession Planning: For Business Owners, the Last Step is Sometimes the Hardest One

Succession Planning: For Business Owners, the Last Step is Sometimes the Hardest One

By Chris Cooper, Director, Ohio Employee Ownership Center at Kent State University  Every business owner will exit their business in one way or another. It ...
/ / Business Tips

Super Habits

There are habits, and there are super-habits. A super-habit is a gateway to other good habits. For example, when I quit smoking, I was able ...
/ / Business Tips
Increase Your Business' Potential for Publicity with a Press Kit

Increase Your Business’ Potential for Publicity with a Press Kit

One of the easiest ways for a small business to spread awareness about its company and services is through a properly crafted press kit. A ...
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