12 Visual Content Marketing Ideas that will transform your content

12 Visual Content Marketing Ideas that will transform your content

We all do it. We desperately try to stand out while viewers continue to scroll down the page. We send tweet after tweet, write blog after blog, yet we still struggle to connect with our audience. We are here to break that cycle.

Here are the 12 visual marketing ideas that will transform your content!

1. Streaming Events:

Live streaming can be used to broadcast formal discussions or events of many kinds. They generate a larger audience, encourage audience interaction, and are highly promotable. Both Livestream and Ustream are great streaming tools that will generate viewers on an international level.

Livestream graphic

2. Periscope:

A more simple and social alternative to formal live streaming is Twitter’s Periscope. Available on both Apple and Android devices, Periscope allows you to show what’s happening behind the camera and share your experiences with a global audience. An alternative to Periscope is Meerkat.


3. Infographics:

Enhance what may seem boring or complicated data into visually appealing and easy-to-understand graphics. With infographics, you can display information, share relevant statistics, or creatively present data. Graphics can be both informational and entertaining as they combine visual elements with engaging content.

animated GIF

4. Gifs:

Since 1987, these cool and fun graphics have been bringing life to static web pages. Animated gifs are making a huge comeback. Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites now allow it to play on loops on newsfeeds and timelines, making it much more eye-catching than other pieces of content. Gifs can easily convey a more emotional message.

5. Motion Graphics:

This approach to video requires no camera but can just be as impactful. Often combined with audio, motion graphics combines animated media elements including graphics, photography, typography and illustrations. Thanks to today’s technology, pricing can start a very low cost but yields high returns in engaging your audience.

baby meme

6. Memes:

Memes have taken over social media channels! By combining wit with relatability, you’ll stand out from advertisements on social media. Grab your online audience’s attention with fun, sought-after memes.

7. Slide Sharing:

Repurpose or create presentations online and share them using slide sharing sites. They’re highly visual, they’re interactive and low to no cost. You can even embed them on your blog posts. From how-to guides to storytelling to lists, the possibilities for slides are endless. One of the largest growing platforms for presentations is Slideshare. This feature of Linkedin offers marketing and branding opportunities as well as global distribution of your content.


8. Webinars:

Webinars are a perfect tool for conducting workshops, presentations, or creating training videos. They are cost-effective, they increase your expertise, and they provide credibility to you and your company. With a well-executed webinar, you will be able to collect high-quality leads and engage a captive audience. Live webinars can be repurposed afterwards to be used as an on-demand video.

9. Looping Videos:

Great for dressing up your social media sites and blogs, these short looping videos have revolutionized video sharing. They’re cheap and easily made with any smart phone using apps like Instagram or Vine. With today’s limited attention span, they’re also more likely to be shared than longer videos. You can quickly tell a story, show your product in action, educate your audience or spread awareness of an upcoming event.


10. Podcast:

Are you doing podcasts? Think podcasts are a lot of work? You can easily start by just reading one of your blogs aloud, but as you gain traction, develop new audio content, and invite guests over to discuss business issues. Due to their portability, podcasts can be played anytime, anywhere. Podcasts help you create dynamic conversations and build a connection with your audience.


11. Photography:

We hear it all the time: a picture is worth a thousand words. Although the saying is a bit overdone, the message is still relevant. You can catch eyes and say so much with the right photo. Images can be compelling and emotionally appealing depending on the execution.


12. Video Production:

According to YouTube, online users spend more than 4 billion hours watching videos. There’s no doubt that there is an audience out there to convey a message. You can create anything from demonstrations to tutorials or whiteboard videos to animations. If video production is not a part of your marketing campaign, then you are already falling behind your competition.


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