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About Sante Ghetti, COSE

Sante Ghetti is the Vice President of Government Advocacy at Council of Smaller Enterprises, WHACC member and Gold Sponsor. For over 40 years, COSE (Council of Smaller Enterprises) has protected and advocated for the small businesses in the region. As the region’s small business expert organization, COSE offers its members networking and educational events, advocacy on legislative and regulatory issues and cost-effective group purchasing programs. The programs and services COSE offers are designed to grow Northeast Ohio’s small business community successfully.

Small Business Heads to Columbus on April 26

On April 26, small business owners from around Northeast Ohio will get the opportunity to have their voices heard and advance small business-friendly state policies. That’s when the annual COSE Day at the Capitol is scheduled to take place at Capitol Square in Columbus. This free event allows WHACC+COSE Dual Member entrepreneurs and small business owners […]

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