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About Alex Gertsburg

At Gertsburg Law, our attorneys have a comprehensive understanding of the countless issues facing businesses on a daily basis. Most of our experienced attorneys in the Chagrin Falls and Cleveland offices are former business owners and in-house counsel, bringing a unique perspective and depth of knowledge to their skill set. We will work with you to understand your goals and to find the right solution for your organization. For more information visit https://www.gertsburglaw.com

Simple Steps to Keep Liability Limited to Your LLC

You chose to operate as a limited liability company (LLC) to keep the company owners from exposure to the business’s liabilities in the event of financial or legal problems. But how do you make sure your company keeps its LLC status?  Maintaining your limited liability status goes beyond complying with the State of Ohio’s procedural formalities. Owners must also keep themselves separate from the company to avoid what’s known as “piercing the veil,” a […]

Hiring and Discrimination: Do’s and Don’ts for Your Ohio Business (Part 1)

Hiring and Discrimination: Do’s and Don’ts for Your Ohio Business (Part 1) In January 2021, Ohio enacted the Employment Law Uniformity Act, which goes into effect this month. The Act significantly affects future handling of workplace discrimination claims. While the Act contains generally employer-friendly provisions, employers must still be vigilant to ensure that their hiring […]

Best Practices for B2C Auto-Renewing Service Agreements

Best Practices for B2C Auto-Renewing Service Agreements Auto-renewing, subscription-based contracts have long been in favor among health clubs and mobile phone vendors. But today, more businesses, including many software and mobile application providers, are also moving away from one-time purchase prices in favor of the auto-renewing subscription model. Auto-renewal can be beneficial to both the […]

Employer-Employee Arbitration Agreement

Employer-Employee Arbitration Agreement Most employers understand that employment-related disputes are an unfortunate but unavoidable cost of doing business. While employers can of course take proactive steps to reduce the chances of such disputes, and while they can also take steps to increase the likelihood of favorable outcomes, these measures won’t necessarily prevent employees from claiming […]

Doctrine of Mistake

Doctrine of Mistake Mistake and Contract Formation Is a mistaken belief enough to void a contract? Is there anything that a party with a mistaken belief can do to get out of a contract or reform its terms after signing? Is there a difference between a mistake of fact and a simple buyer’s remorse? Depending […]

Insurance Coverage for COVID-19

Insurance Coverage for COVID-19 Can Insurance Companies be Sued for Failing to Provide Business Interruption Coverage Related to COVID-19? Many businesses continue to struggle from mandatory closures and other operating restrictions caused by COVID-19. Not surprisingly, companies are now turning to their insurance carriers to mitigate their income losses. During the past several months, over […]

Free Legal Resources For Your Business

Business owners need help making sense of new financial, employment, and contractual fulfillment challenges during this pandemic. Download our free business resources to help you proactively stay ahead of common legal issues and review ways to protect your business during this time. COVID-19 Business Survival Guide COVID-19 Business Checklist Coronavirus and Your Business Contracts FREE […]

Can the Coronavirus Get Me Out of a Business Contract?

Can the Coronavirus Get Me Out of a Business Contract? Enforcing Force Majeure in the Wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic On March 9, 2020, Governor Mike DeWine took several actions to combat the spread of Coronavirus (also known as COVID-19), including declaring a state of emergency in Ohio. Shortly after that, the World Health Organization (“WHO”) declared the Coronavirus a […]

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