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The Warrensville Heights Area Chamber of Commerce works to promote, enhance, and foster the growth of business in the area communities of Highland Hills, North Randall and Warrensville Heights, Ohio. Visit whacc.org to subscribe, get involved, or join. Do you have news, updates, or opportunities you would like to share? We’re looking to our members to submit world-class content for our print newsletters, email newsletters, and social media channels. Please submit your business articles, tips, and resources to news@whacc.org

Warrensville Reaching New Heights Podcast – Episode 28 – Gino Zavarella Jr., Vice President, Gino’s Awards

Listen as Gino Jr. tells the tale of the store’s beginning with the groundwork being laid when his father attended jewelers training in New Castle, PA through the G.I. Bill. After learning how to handle engraving, mostly for jewelers, he earned himself a reputation for his fine, high quality work. “The awards business and jewelry […]

Warrensville Reaching New Heights Podcast – Episode 26 – Renee DeLuca Dolan, Founder/President, Contempo Design & Communications

This graphic designer, magazine publisher, event planner and business owner in Warrensville Heights offers a mini master class in graphic design with respect to commercial application. Her biggest gripe? “The mistake that many businesses make is that they don’t have a design strategy.” In this illuminating conversation, Ms. Deluca Dolan also introduces listeners to the […]

Warrensville Reaching New Heights Podcast – Episode 19 – Terrell Dillard, President, ZayMay Distributors & JanPro

“I had to be the best, no matter where the work was coming from.” This conversation follows Mr. Dillard’s intense journey as a business owner. His first exposure to entrepreneurialism came when he worked in a bank and found himself paying close attention to those who worked as entrepreneurs. He drew on his hardwired mentality […]

Warrensville Reaching New Heights Podcast – Episode 23 – Karen Johnson, President, W.F. Hann & Sons

W.F. Hann & Sons, located in Warrensville Heights, is the area’s largest residential HVAC company with a fast-growing commercial HVAC division. Ms. Johnson is the first female president in the company’s 112 year history. In this enlightening conversation, Ms. Johnson discusses her role in this male-dominated industry. She oversees a fleet of more than 50 […]

Warrensville Reaching New Heights Podcast – Episode 18 – Cathe Schwartz & Ben Rossi, InMotion

“A client said that getting his diagnosis felt like being pushed out of an airplane without a parachute. InMotion provides a soft landing,” says Ms. Schwartz. These guests discuss how no one has an excuse to be alone with their illness – the services they provide are completely free of charge. Operating for nearly four […]

Warrensville Reaching New Heights Podcast – Episode 14 – Denise Carkhuff, owner of Adrenaline Monkey

This entrepreneur who launched an indoor family adventure and performance training center in Warrensville Heights shares some unexpected information…she’s also an attorney (partner) who handles large, complicated corporate deals, but she also has a creative side that leads her to pursue other activities like throwing amazing theme parties. She explains how she juggles it all […]

Great Big Home and Garden Networking Night – February 7th from 4-6 PM

YOU’RE INVITED! Let’s kick off the new year with the Sixth Annual Great Big Chamber Networking Night at the Great Big Home & Garden Show at the I-X Center (near Cleveland Hopkins Airport) on Thursday, February 7th from 4-6 pm. A $15 ticket will give you entrance to the show from 11 am-9 pm and the Chamber Networking Night Private Party from 4-6 pm that will include […]

Warrensville Reaching New Heights Podcast – Episode 10 – Tom Heinen, Heinen’s Grocery Stores

From the Warrensville Reaching New Heights Podcast Episode 10 – Tom Heinen, Heinen’s Grocery Stores: “Mr. Heinen discloses the story of how the family business got started which largely related to his grandfather Joseph Heinen’s visionary abilities, his independent thinking and his willingness to take risks. He shares that Joseph knew the extension of I-480 […]

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