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Are You Prepared for a Department of Labor Audit?

As a business owner, when you offer ANY employee welfare benefits, you are REQUIRED to be in compliance with ERISA, COBRA, and others depending on your employee count. These benefits include, but are not limited to: Medical, Dental, and Vision Wellness Programs Voluntary Benefits under IRS Section 125 FSA’s and HRA’s Severance Insurance Policies Unemployment Sickness,  Accident, Disability, or Death Most […]

Increasing Customer Loyalty

Whether or not you create an official customer loyalty program, here are a few ways to help ensure that you stay in your customers’ minds: Send a regular newsletter that includes knowledgeable tips, tricks, and other helpful information your audience will look forward to receiving. Reward customers who make advance purchases, such as buying multiple […]

Why You Need to be a Serial Video Publisher in 2016

It’s undeniable. Video is dominating content marketing and social media, but to get the return you’re looking for, you’ll need more than a one-hit-wonder in 2016. Marketers who have found the way to regularly publish video are experiencing huge results. Here’s why. We all know there’s a battle going on for great content. We’re all competing for an […]

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