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Super Habits

There are habits, and there are super-habits. A super-habit is a gateway to other good habits. For example, when I quit smoking, I was able to exercise better, live longer, stop smelling like smoke, stop annoying people around me, get more productive, etc. One habit change led to a number of other positive habit changes. […]

Running a Virtual Company

Operating a business on a virtual basis is quickly gaining in popularity. Although running a virtual company can be attractive to small business owners, they still need to understand that there will be benefits and challenges with this business operations concept. No matter what type of small business you have, when you take the leap […]

Sales Tip #611: Learn to Listen!

Sales Tip #609: Learn to Listen! Building solid relationships, personally and professionally, requires you to be a good listener. People equate not listening to not caring. Here are five things you can do to improve your listening skills: 1. Listen without interrupting. 2. Try to understand their point of view, feelings, thinking, and needs. 3. […]

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