CITY NEWS for the Spring – Summer 2014 Newsletter: WARRENSVILLE HEIGHTS

The City of Warrensville Heights continues to grow and develop with new medical and science industry business opportunities and residential enhancements. This year, the city welcomes two
new health care specialists, ImageIQ, a Cleveland Clinic Innovation Company specializing in medical imaging, and Bright Prosthetics Inc., an exclusive provider of both upper and lower prosthetics care. As these companies build on the leverage of the region’s health strides, the city also welcomes an extended commitment from science and nature product manufacture, DuneCraft Inc.

The Village of Highland Hills is happy to welcome spring as well as the following tenants: the corporate offices of MCM Industries, an extremely diverse manufacturing company on Millcreek Boulevard as well as the pending opening of Springstone Hospital, a private mental healthcare and substance abuse treatment facility.

The Village of North Randall warmly welcomes the Industrial Realty Group (IRG). IRG is the investor corporation for the Randall Park Mall Development Project. The Village also anticipates the opening of a Dollar Tree Store.

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