Commit Your Business to a Learner Mindset and Watch it Grow

Commit Your Business to a Learner Mindset and Watch it Grow

Employee retention and organizational productivity are at the top of the list for businesses focused on cultivating a growth mindset culture.

Why does your business need a learner mindset? Entrepreneurs dedicated to keeping an open mind and trying new things find more opportunities to grow their business. Getting employees involved in professional development and offering training sessions can keep them motivated and inspire them to craft new ideas to bring in more business.

How can a learner/growth mindset benefit your business?

An article from Facts says there are at least four reasons why maintaining a learner mindset in your business can result in positive growth for your company: 

  • You will retain more employees. Even with the Great Resignation, employers showing a commitment to providing a work environment where learning is encouraged are seeing an improvement in employee satisfaction. LinkedIn reports that employees spending time at work learning are 47 percent less likely to be stressed, 39 percent more likely to feel productive, and 21 percent more likely to feel confident.
  • You will attract top-tier talent. Employees are known for leaving their jobs when they feel they have hit a ceiling or do not see ways to grow further with the company. A business with a mindset focused on learning and growth will attract new hires eager to share their ideas, and it has a better chance of bringing on more long-term workers.
  • Employees will feel motivated to take on new challenges. After learning business skills or enhancing the ones they feel most passionate about, your team may be more willing to take risks with new projects. The confidence that comes from growing your knowledge base inspires employees to try out what they learned.
  • Your business will always be ready for the next big thing if it stays open to learning. A recent digital transformation study found that 73 percent of employees from high-performing companies update their skills every six months, while 44 percent keep their skills updated continuously.

[Read the full article from Facts here.]

How can your business cultivate a learner/growth mindset?

It can take time for a business to adjust its work culture when one has been set in stone for so long. If you feel like your company has a fixed mindset and you’re not quite sure how to shift over to a growth mindset, Lifehack shares a few tips. 

  1. Lead by example. Make sure your leadership team is continuing to grow its skills as well. Employees will be motivated to do the same when they see their supervisors taking the time to learn new things and enhance their talents. Let your team know that everyone has room to grow.
  2. Encourage processes that promote learning. Your team should celebrate wins and learn from their losses. If you come together to identify where you can improve as a unit, you can develop better strategies and tactics to move forward more effectively.
  3. Invest in education. Show your employees that you are dedicated to their individual professional growth by providing opportunities for skill enhancement. Another way to support your employees as they seek more knowledge is to pair them with a mentor or offer one-on-one coaching. 

[Read more from Lifehack here.]

Infusing educational opportunities and learning concepts into your business’ work culture can change the game for your bottom line. Employees will be more knowledgeable and have more to offer to their clients. Your team will be better equipped to bring in new business and build stronger relationships when they are given the tools to succeed.

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