Sales Tip #449 Consequence or Reward?

Sales Tip #449 Consequence or Reward?

Consequence or Reward?

We all have at least one thing on the personal and business side that we dread doing, but definitely needs to be done in a timely manner. For an example, on the personal side, it could be exercising. On the business side, it could be cold calling. What motivates you? Is is the consequence or reward?

Personally, I prefer being motivated by the reward. I like to anticipate that feeling of accomplishment after I’ve successfully completed the task. If you’re motivated by the consequence, you’re being driven by the negative results of what may happen if you don’t do it.

Make time today to identify that one area of procrastination that needs some motivation and use consequence or reward as a motivator. They both will work! I just prefer looking ahead for the reward.

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