Deskercise! 15 Ways to Stay Energized at Work

Deskercise! 15 Ways to Stay Energized at Work

Throughout the work day, it’s easy to rack up a to-do list of Powerpoints, Excel sheets, and emails. With the impact that technology has made on the workforce, manual labor is a thing of the past. Did you know that 2 hours of sitting time per day has been linked to as much as a 17% increase of risk of cardiovascular events? To keep energized, moving, and burn a few extra calories along the way, complete the following exercises throughout the day.

1) Extra Steps– simple in nature, but tough to stay consistent with. A few quick examples would include parking further away from the entrance, walking around the office every 30 minutes, and taking the stairs rather than the elevator.

2) Standing Desks– You wouldn’t think that standing up would have too many benefits, but it does burn more calories than sitting by activating more muscle groups.

3) Wall Sits– great for endurance work. With your back against a wall, slide down into a seated position until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Make sure your knees aren’t out in front of your toes (this puts bad pressure on your joints). Hold for 30-60 seconds.

4) Calf Raises– Waiting on a document to print? On a long conference call? Try doing some calf raises while you wait. With your feet spread should width apart, press up onto your tip toes, then lower yourself back down. Complete 12-15 repetitions, then repeat until your copies are done!

5) Desk Pushups– Want more muscle tone in your chest and arms? With both hands on your desk, walk your feet back to a 45 degree angle. Do 10-15 repetitions and repeat 3 times.

6) Book Press– This is a great tricep exercise. Grab a heavy book with both hands and hold it behind your head. Extend your arms up and then lower it back down towards your neck. Repeat this for 10-15 repetitions.

7) Shoulder Blade Squeezes– A lot of people hunch while at their desk. To improve your posture, pretend you’re squeezing a pen between your shoulder blades for about 15 seconds, rest and repeat 3-4 times.

8) Yoga– It’s never a bad idea to keep a yoga mat at the office. A quick plank can leave you feeling refreshed. Hold yourself in pushup position for 30-60 seconds, rest and repeat.

9) Chair Squats– Stand a few inches in front of your chair, slowly lower yourself down to your seats edge and as soon as you touch, pop back up! Complete 10-15 reps of this deskercise 3-4 times for a great leg workout.

10) Desk Tricep Extensions– Another great tricep exercise! Facing away form your desk, with your hands shoulder width apart and your legs straightened, bend your arms slowly, then straighten back to starting position. 10 repetitions completed 3-4 times will leave your arms feeling tight and firm.

11) Leg Raises– From a seated position, raise one leg straight out in front of you, hold for 10 seconds, and then lower it slowly. Repeat this 5 times and switch legs, repeating the same process.

12) Phone Pacing– Another great way to add extra steps to your day is pacing while you walk. Make it a point to never sit still while you’re on the phone. Though it’s a simple function, think about how many times you’re on the phone per day. Odds are, that’s a lot of steps!

13) Oblique Twists– Toning up the midsection can also be accomplished right at your desk. If you have a swivel chair, sit up straight and put your finger tips on the top of your desk. Lift your feet off the floor and using only your core muscles, swivel the chair from side-to-side. Time yourself for 1 minute, rest and repeat 2-3 times.

14) Jumping Jacks– Most people haven’t done a jumping jack since elementary school, but they are very effective. Try going for 1-2 minutes and see if they’re just as easy as they used to be!

15) Isometric Holds– The best thing about isometric exercise is the convenience. If you can squeeze and hold a muscle contracted for 10 seconds and repeat the process 3-4 times, you will begin to feel the calories burning right where you sit. This can be accomplished with any muscle in the body.

Sedentary lifestyles can easily get the best of us, especially at the workplace. Complete these exercises as a part of your daily routine and over time, you’ll begin to see changes in your overall fitness and energy levels.

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