Ecommerce Easter Eggs Can Engage Customers & Encourage Sales–Even if it’s not Easter!

Ecommerce Easter Eggs Can Engage Customers & Encourage Sales–Even if it’s not Easter!

The term Easter egg is typically associated with a special holiday, but it can also be a term for hidden messages and special surprises. Ecommerce Easter eggs are a fun way to get your customers to engage more with your website, according to this article on Medium. One of the most well-known public Easter Eggs can be found by typing in the word “askew” into the Google search bar. (Try it!)

How can you use eCommerce Easter eggs to your business’ benefit? Try some of these ideas:

  • Hide an image of a new product in plain view on your website with no explanation. It will intrigue your audience and keep them coming back to find out more.
  • Add a tooltip with a surprise discount to an image. Customers that discover it will be surprised and may try to look for more.
  • Add a new hidden page to your website. Add coding that takes customers to a special page if they click on a certain spot on your site. The page could offer prizes, secret codes, or even more easter eggs!

The opportunities for creativity with eCommerce Easter eggs are endless, and it can all be tied to your business’ brand and vision. The more you engage your customers, the more likely they are to purchase your products and spread the word to others. Find more tips when you read the full article.

Also, Happy Easter Sunday this weekend! Hope the sun shines! <~(highlight for WHACC Easter egg)

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