How to Best Transition Your Business From Summer to Fall Sales

How to Best Transition Your Business From Summer to Fall Sales

Using seasonal promotion strategies to attract attention no matter what’s going on outside.

Identifying seasonal strategies you can use to grow your business can help your company thrive when consumer engagement is typically at a lull. There is something in every season that can help you boost your business’ influence and customer base as long as you are committed to thinking outside the box.

Transitioning your promotions from summer to fall says seasonal promotion strategies can go beyond the usual holidays and traditional themes. Right now, we’re transitioning from summer to fall. If your marketing, displays, and advertisements are all focused on outdoor activities and vacations, it’s time to make a change. Swap out summer for fall and look to include more Halloween, football, back-to-school, and fall activity ideas.

Here are some starter ideas for fall-themed promotions from

  • Back-to-School: Most schools are back in session already or will be in the coming weeks. You still have an opportunity to try some of these ideas from our Back-2-School blog for businesses that don’t sell typical school supplies.
  • Football Season: You can win over the hearts of sports fans with football-related promotions or deals. Giveaways, watch parties, and anything designed to keep people warm on those colder fall days will be big hitters around this time of year.
  • Cyber Monday: Though it’s going on its 17th year of recognition, Cyber Monday is an atypical “holiday” that can get lost in the shuffle of Thanksgiving and Black Friday deals. Cyber Monday is an opportunity for all businesses without a storefront to capitalize on the early holiday shopping rush that happens annually online. 

More tips on how to attract business during the fall season

Summertime can cause a dip in sales while locals are off on vacation or spending more time with family and friends, as we mentioned in our blog about boosting business during the months of June through August.

We found a few more tips from HubSpot on how you can bounce back from a “summer slump”:

  • Always have prospects. A consistent pipeline of potential customers can help you stay motivated to find new ways to grab their attention.
  • Gather referrals. Reach out to your top customers to offer a friendly check-in, and also see if they can help you make new connections. A personal recommendation gets your foot in the door and makes it easier to close the deal.
  • Change your messaging. Using humor to rekindle a connection or foster a stronger one can help your customers see a different side to your business. Drop a few jokes about things like pumpkin spice lattes or maximizing your knee-high boot collection to add a little personality to your pitch.

Read the full HubSpot blog here.


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