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Worked at a very good job until I was able to take early retirement. Did the ‘senior circuit’, bus trips, senior luncheons, for a year and realized it was enjoyable but not for me. Picked up a card in the pet store from a local sitter, called her and was on my way. She took me on jobs with her and I was hooked! Dog Walking/Pet Sitting is fun, meet the nicest people who really love their pets. Have fun and make money? Perfect! I am sole proprietor, Bonded, Insured, Certified in Red Cross Pet First Aid, Passed Criminal Background Check and can give injections. Also am available for overnight pet sits. Have seen dogs who have not had the opportunity to get out during the day, absolutely change with having a walk during the day, they have more energy, are more social. Good for them and good for me. Exercise all around! Have never worked harder or been happier. What could be better?


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