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Our story began in 1974 when our founders met at a Sheraton Motor Inn in Pittsburgh to discuss the needs of the explosives industry. What came out of that meeting was a clear goal on how to help push the explosives industry forward while becoming a champion for the blaster in the field. Our mission is just a few simple words but couldn’t be more complex. To advance the science and art of explosives engineering.

After more than 40 years with this goal in our sights, we’ve been able to accomplish a lot. We’ve got a foothold in more than 90 countries, bringing together more than 4,000 professionals in the explosives industry from all around the globe. We’ve helped launch 45 local ISEE chapters and started education initiatives. Most importantly, we’ve become a voice for the entire industry, bridging the gap between blasters and homeowners and lobbying governments for change.


Our Address:

26500 Renaissance Pkwy, Cleveland OH 44128