Laws of Lifetime Growth

Laws of Lifetime Growth

Here is a list of things I have always found helpful to review as often as I can…which really means whenever I can remember to. Super simple: totally binary (i.e., everything is “either/or”), as applicable. Comes from Dan Sullivan’s book, The Laws of Lifetime Growth:

  • Always make your future bigger than your past
  • Always make your learning greater than your experience
  • Always make your contribution bigger than your reward
  • Always make your performance greater than your applause
  • Always make your gratitude greater than your success
  • Always make your enjoyment greater than your effort
  • Always make your cooperation greater than your status
  • Always make your confidence greater than your comfort
  • Always make your purpose greater than your money
  • Always make your questions bigger than your answers

I’ve used this list in lots of ways, from post-it note reminders to individual journaling prompts to general happiness checklists to just small doses of inspiration. Hope you find it helpful too.

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