Letter From The Board Chair

Letter From The Board Chair

June 15, 2016

Dear Members,

Recently, the Board of Directors worked on the 2016 Plan of Work.  This plan is developed to make certain that the decisions we make, where we spend our time, and the work that we do, is mission focused.  I am sure many of you experience this in your organization when you sit down to develop your goals each year.

Your Chamber’s Mission Focused Value 

A quick review of the many existing efforts for your benefit include the Growth & Expansion of Existing Businesses, Improving the Skills & Value of the Workforce, Creation of New & Higher Paying Jobs, Fostering a vibrant Free Enterprise Environment, and Expanding the Community’s Tax Base.

3 Goals for the WHACC Plan of Work in 2016

  1. Create a members learning series that will help educate and provide additional networking opportunities
  2. Collect and Provide critical data on area industries and businesses
  3. Provide additional opportunities for member Advertising and Marketing

Historically, the Plan of Work would have been developed and then periodically reviewed internally.  I hope that by sharing our goals externally, you—our members and area businesses—will assist us in making sure we stay on task by volunteering. I look forward to hearing from you.


Wayne Lawrence

Chairman of the Board

About Wayne Lawrence

Wayne Lawrence is Vice-President of Weiss Movers and Storage. Wayne is WHACC's Board Chair and on the Advocacy committee