Take the Survey: Northfield-Warrensville Multi-Modal Connectivity Plan

Take the Survey: Northfield-Warrensville Multi-Modal Connectivity Plan

Here is where you can help. We need businesses, employees, philanthropic and community groups, and every resident to join the conversation. Allow us to take about ten (10) minutes of your time to take a brief interactive online survey at https://nwconnects.metroquest.com/

The goal of the Northfield-Warrensville Multi-Modal Connectivity Plan is to improve connectivity through street and infrastructure upgrades that encourage the spectrum of  multi-modal transportation options such as walking, biking, public transit and automobiles. The purpose of the plan is to enhance economic development by linking employment, health, educational, retail, entertainment and recreation resources. The Plan will also proactively incorporate complete and green street systems, smart technologies and green infrastructure into existing and planned development. The focus area encompasses the Villages of North Randall and Highland Hills, the City of Warrensville Heights, the Van Aken District of Shaker Heights and the Chagrin Highlands area of the City of Cleveland.

You can find our more about the Northfield-Warrensville Multi-Modal Connectivity Plan and read our past articles here: Opportunities-for-multi-modal-transportation-and-regional-connectivity and WHACC Advocacy at Work.

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