Use National Workaholics Day to Recognize Employees That Go Above and Beyond

Use National Workaholics Day to Recognize Employees That Go Above and Beyond

Did you know there’s a special holiday for recognizing the “workaholics” on your team?

National Workaholics Day is recognized annually on July 5th. By definition, a workaholic is an individual that compulsively works long and hard hours. You can identify these employees by observing if they seem to be putting work before their own needs. Though these workers can be a dedicated group, their need to constantly be online and completing tasks can do more harm than good for your business.

How do you know if someone is showing signs of being a workaholic?

U.S. News came up with 17 different indicators someone may be a workaholic. The report included:

  • The person gets stressed out from not working.
  • The person still checks emails and responds to business inquiries while on vacation.
  • The person will work even if they are ill.
  • The person may overbook themselves frequently.
  • The person strives for perfection and rarely celebrates wins.

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How to support employees becoming workaholics 

National Today says there is a fine line between working to live and living to work. If you have noticed workaholics amongst your team, consider offering them this advice to help them and your business: 

  • Overworking yourself will get you closer to burnout faster. Taking a break from work is not always a sign of laziness. At times, it can be a necessity to avoid unnecessary mistakes in your work.
  • Pinpoint signs of stress. Having a strong work ethic is great for growing your business and your career, but overdoing it can also leave you blind to mental, emotional, or physical issues caused by working too much.
  • Remember your social life is just as important as your career. If you start to replace your leisure time with work, it can impact your energy levels and begin to cause a deterioration in your business relationships.

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Ways to Celebrate Your Hard Workers

Of course, not everyone who is a hard worker can be classified as a “workaholic.” Sometimes people just love what they do and, in that case, it doesn’t feel like work. A business’ success could lie in the fact that the team is able to utilize their passion to do meaningful work. 

To celebrate your passionate workers, Thanks says to find ways to get your employees engaged. Compared to workaholics, engaged employees feel more inspired–resulting in lower turnover and happier customers. According to the Queens University School of Business, engaged employees foster 30 percent higher customer satisfaction, and disengaged employees make 60 percent more errors than engaged workers. 

Try some of these ideas to celebrate your most passionate team members: 

  • Send your team home early, especially the ones that believe they need to stick around to finish a project.
  • Come together to acknowledge your wins as a team and as individual professionals. 
  • Help workaholics take care of themselves by starting a health program, or by creating a regular activity to get them up and moving.
  • Give out gift cards that will help your employees get out of the office and enjoy a relaxing experience. 
  • Sponsor a mental health day and educate your employees about the dangers being a workaholic can bring to an individual and their business.

[Find more suggestions from Thanks here.]

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