Sales Tip #427 Resilience!

Sales Tip #427 Resilience!


How many of you had an opportunity to watch the Masters? We witnessed Resilience in action.

Tiger Woods could have used his health issue as a reason for defeat, but he didn’t let defeat have the last word.

Remember that successful people don’t just face adversity; they embrace it in seven different ways.

1. They redefine their setbacks as the gateway to something greater
2. They tune out their critics and focus on doing their best
3. They learn from failure, and remember the many times they have succeeded
4. They visualize victory before going into battle
5. They refuse to dwell on the past or worry about the future; today is where you have the most influence
6. They identify a solution instead of complaining
7. When things look hopeless, they remember “with God all things are possible” (Mk 10:27)

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