Sales Tip #441 Are You Taking Good Notes?

Sales Tip #441 Are You Taking Good Notes?

Are You Taking Good Notes?

Good note taking is crucial during the initial Needs Analysis for the following six reasons:

  1. It will immediately demonstrate to the person you are talking too that what they are saying is extremely important to you and that you truly care.
  2. It helps you stay focused on them and not become distracted.
  3. It gives you the answers you need to determine if this situation is a yes or not now.
  4. It clarifies what has been said and eliminates any misunderstandings.
  5. It provides a history of the meeting that can be used for follow-up by you or anyone else.
  6. It can also provide pictures, audio and video that can permanently archive important information.

Set the stage at the beginning of the meeting by letting them know that you’ll be taking notes to make sure that you capture the important information that is going to be shared.

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