Sales Tip #593: Keep Your Conscience Clear

Sales Tip #593: Keep Your Conscience Clear

Ten principles for keeping your conscience clear.

  1. Always pay attention to the inner nudging that makes you stop and question your decisions.

  2. Think of your conscience as a filter that helps keep your heart pure.

  3. Examine your motives in all situations.

  4. If you think you have hurt someone’s feelings, ask for forgiveness.

  5. Examine your heart and reveal changes that need to be made in your attitude and actions.

  6. Don’t knowingly involve yourself in compromising situations.

  7. Consider others first, and honor them with your words and actions.

  8. Remember that your conscience is your moral compass.

  9. Establish ethical guidelines in all of your business dealings.

  10.  When a thought leaves you feeling unsettled, take time to pray and talk about it with someone you trust.

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