Sales Tip #598: Facts Tell, But Stories Sell

Sales Tip #598: Facts Tell, But Stories Sell

Bryan Eisenberg, Professional Marketing Speaker, says storytelling is the art of engaging, educating, and getting your customer excited enough to listen to you in a chaotic environment with a wide variety to choose from.

It is not used to just cut through the noise of the extensive competition but also to connect to your target audience and evoke a bond of trust.

Here is a list of reasons why storytelling should be inculcated into your business right away to boost more sales:

1. Better Retention
The time span of human attention is around 8-10 seconds, and according to a Stanford study, stories are up to 22X more memorable than facts and figures alone. Thus, telling a story instead of the basic one-liner tagline leaves you with better chances of the customer remembering you.

2. Invokes Emotions
Stories invoke emotions and connect human beings at an emotional level. A salesperson should be more than a person just selling the great features the product has to offer. He/she should connect to the customer on a personal matter and make them feel that they understand and relate to their daily problems. The story isn’t what matters… it’s what the story creates that matters – emotion. A sales rep using storytelling to engage is more likely to close the deal by invoking the emotional connect.

3. Builds Trust
The most powerful stories come from having a deep understanding of your customer. Once you create an environment for your customer which captivates on more than the need to close the deal, the customer opens up and begins to trust you. This helps you to strengthen your relationship with your customers.

4. Makes the Boring Stuff Compelling
We all have the case study versions where we explain how we have helped a particular customer. But the truth of the matter is no one really reads those boring case studies with some industrial stats. However, if you take the same content and build a story around it, it suddenly becomes much more compelling to your target audience.

5. Influences Decisions
The main aim of any salesperson is to close. Positioning your product in your stories relevant to their situation can help influence their buying decision to a great extent. Keep the stories straight to the point, making it about how the product will benefit them. Paint an image in their mind using your storytelling skills.

Work on your story and increase customer engagement, create lasting relationships, and boost your sales.

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