Sales Tip #451 Skill vs Will

Sales Tip #451 Skill vs Will

Skill vs Will

Is the reason you’re struggling in sales a skill issue? How about a will issue? Or, is it a combination of both?

Leadership Coach Nathan Jamail says our will is based on what we’re willing to do in order to achieve our goals, or, to do our jobs beyond what is required.

As leaders/trainers, we can teach a person the skill if they have the will to learn.

What about a lack of skill though? Can we teach everyone how to do everything?

Nathan’s answer is no. Not everybody can be great at everything. A person must have the talents and the attributes that fit the skill sets of their job.

For example, you can try to teach me everything about being an accountant, but regardless of your teachings I’ll most likely fail. Why? Because it is not what I am good at. In fact, I would be terrible.

Conduct your own self-assessment today. Is it a will issue or a skill issue that’s preventing you from being successful?

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