Top 5 key features of a dental network

Top 5 key features of a dental network

Figuring out if your dental network offers the most value to your business and your employees can be tough. That’s why we want to help you evaluate the network against these 5 features:


  1. Access to a large, national network – With a network, bigger is better. Most employers want a network that offers a large number of dentists so that employees can receive care from the dentist they prefer.
  2. Network discounts – Ask about network discounts. When members visit an in-network provider for covered services, they should receive savings based on the negotiated discounts between a carrier and the providers in their network.
  3. Low network turnover – One sign of a good, stable network (and happy participating providers) is low annual network turnover. Look for a network with annual turnover of 2 percent or less.
  4. Credentialing and re-credentialing – Check to see how carriers handle credentialing and how often dentists are re-credentialed. This ensures providers maintain their licenses, are insured and meet guidelines for quality and professional standards.
  5. Recruitment commitment – A dental carrier should be committed to growing their network. If your clients have access issues in specific areas, find out whether the carrier will use target recruiting to help meet access objectives and if they offer recruitment guarantees.


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