Using Automation to Enhance Business Productivity

Using Automation to Enhance Business Productivity

Using automation for small business processes such as invoicing, marketing, payroll, inventory, and outsourcing can save you time and money. Knowing how to get started and what options are available to your team will ensure you make the best decisions on how to enhance your business operations.

Benefits from Using Automation says 67% of global office workers feel they’re doing the same tasks repeatedly, and they estimate wasting 4.5 hours a week on tasks that could be automated.

Here’s a list of a few benefits entrepreneurs can take advantage of when automating their business processes:

  • Streamline tasks: Automation can save you time by helping you put routine tasks into motion. Automation also has the potential to complete the task in a fraction of the time it would take a human being to do the same.

  • Save money on resources: says research shows 59% of businesses saw costs reduced by more than 10% after automating repetitive tasks.

  • Enhance customer communication: Automation can make sure you always respond to a customer inquiry in a timely fashion. Marketing automation software can categorize potential leads and send emails to specific groups.

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Automation Saves Everyone Time

One of the biggest benefits of using automation for business is the amount of time it can save. Businesses can be more productive with the help of automated workflows and systems. says a report from Zapier shows marketers benefit the most from using automation, saving an average of 25 hours per week. IT professionals are a close second with an average of 20 hours per week saved.

Here are a few more examples of jobs that can use automation to save significant time every week:

  • Customer service representatives save 16 hours per week

  • HR professionals save 8 hours per week

  • Sales representatives save 6 hours per week

  • Accountants save 4 hours per week

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Top Automation Software and Applications for Small Businesses

There’s a surplus of business automation tools available, making it difficult to know which one is the best fit for your establishment. Venture Harbour shares several automated applications seen as top choices for small businesses:

  • Zapier, a simple automation platform that businesses can use to boost productivity, is at the top of the list. Zapier helps to cut out repetitive tasks by linking up to your Google, social media, and cloud accounts.

  • ActiveCampaign is a highly optimized piece of business software that can work for companies of any size. It includes an enterprise standard CRM and automated marketing tools.

  • Hootsuite and Buffer are both social media automation applications. These platforms are used to schedule future social media posts and monitor analytics.

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