Prices of stocks, bonds, mutual funds and variable annuities constantly rise and fall and market volatility has increased in recent years. Our investment management approach does not attempt to be predictive of market direction but instead is able to identify, in the early stages, changes in market direction. During periods of price decline all client accounts are positioned in safe, interest-bearing cash equivalents to avoid potential losses of capital. The importance of avoiding major price declines becomes especially clear during years such as 1987, when severe losses forced many investors to reevaluate their investment strategies. Capital preservation, reduced risk and enhanced return are the important benefits of our approach that allows participation in rising markets through superior performing mutual funds while avoiding major declines.

Because Newport carefully monitors client positions our clients have enjoyed increased “peace of mind” as well as the economic advantages of our active investment management approach. Superior performing mutual funds have produced above average annual returns over recent times; yet surprisingly few investors have achieved these results. Why ? …. because prices of bonds and stocks fluctuate each day and sometimes wildly. Many investors simply don’t have the courage to continue to hold volatile mutual funds over a sustained period in time.


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