Warrensville Reaching New Heights Podcast – Episode 18 – Cathe Schwartz & Ben Rossi, InMotion

Warrensville Reaching New Heights Podcast – Episode 18 – Cathe Schwartz & Ben Rossi, InMotion

“A client said that getting his diagnosis felt like being pushed out of an airplane without a parachute. InMotion provides a soft landing,” says Ms. Schwartz.

These guests discuss how no one has an excuse to be alone with their illness – the services they provide are completely free of charge. Operating for nearly four years, InMotion exists as possibly the only facility in the country where so many sources of support – exercise programs, education and healing arts – can be found in a single space.

Discover how people feel embraced by this community and they return regularly for more. But not only are the clients happy, so are the staff members, with a 100% retention rate.

The guests explain how classes are offered at four different levels so clients’ abilities are catered to, without requiring instructors to teach to only a narrow range. Ages of those participating include 40s to 90s. What they can expect to achieve is some stabilization of the disease.

Listen and learn as they describe how they are delivering on one of their core missions: helping people get through their day and maintain their quality of life.

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