Does grassroots marketing still work?

Does grassroots marketing still work?

A grassroots marketing campaign can keep your costs low, grow your brand’s influence, and increase your business’ audience. With a highly-targeted approach to spreading your message, a grassroots marketing campaign can help your business get to a new level. 

What is grassroots marketing?

Instead of using guerrilla marketing to reach a massive audience, grassroots marketing is an opportunity to focus on a specific group of people. According to MarketSplash, this is a way to gain potential brand influencers, which can lead to those individuals reaching out to more people and generating a large audience for your business. 

MailChimp says the audience you target could be a group that is already invested in your brand, dedicated customers, loyal fans, or a street team you work with to spread your message on a more personal level. 

Benefits of grassroots marketing

There are several ways grassroots marketing can help your business’ bottom line, from bringing in more revenue to raising more awareness about your company’s mission and values. Here are a few perks listed in an article from MailChimp:

  • Grassroots marketing and advertising can be cost-efficient and can help a business slash its normal budget on ads.

  • A business can increase its brand’s loyalty with a highly-targeted niche audience that can become potential influencers. Gaining the trust of dedicated customers opens up opportunities to make more connections.

  • Grassroots marketing can provide you with authentic feedback from the people that care about your brand most. You can use their suggestions to reach other audiences and grow your impact.

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How to start a grassroots marketing campaign

Wordstream says grassroots marketing today relies pretty heavily on social media and how quickly your message can spread. It will help you capitalize on social trends grabbing the attention of your target audience, and get you in the habit of staying on track with industry updates.

Here are a couple of ideas from Wordstream on how to kickstart your grassroots marketing campaign:

  • Support a Good Cause: Showing your support for a nonprofit or local charity can help raise awareness for your business, get you connected with a group that you can stay in touch with, and boost your business’ positive influence.
  • Use Positive Emotional Messaging: Do you remember the WestJet Christmas commercial where the airline used social media to ask passengers what they wanted as gifts, and then handed out those gifts by the time the plane landed? Find a way to get in on a personal level with your audience that will build their loyalty and admiration for your brand.

[Read the full article from Wordstream]


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