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Sales Tip #611: Learn to Listen!

Sales Tip #609: Learn to Listen! Building solid relationships, personally and professionally, requires you to be a good listener. People equate not listening to not caring. Here are five things you can do to improve your listening skills: 1. Listen without interrupting. 2. Try to understand their point of view, feelings, thinking, and needs. 3. […]

Tax Tips for Small Business Owners

For most small businesses, including sole proprietorships, household employers, and C corporations, business taxes for the 2022 tax year are due April 17, 2023. (For S corporations and partnerships, taxes are due March 15.) It’s more important than ever for every small business to do its due diligence at tax time. Small business owners already have […]

Selecting the Right Technology and Tools

Technology is fascinating, changing daily, and confusing all at the same time. It can help keep you organized, handle tedious chores automatically, and connect you globally. It can also cost you lots of unnecessary dollars if you are not careful. Here are tips based on the experience of other small business owners who have previously […]

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