Thank You W.F. Hann & Sons!

Thank You W.F. Hann & Sons!

On September 17th, W.F. Hann & Sons led the Chamber’s volunteer day at the Greater Cleveland Food Bank.

Karen Johnson, President of W.F. Hann and Chamber Board Member, said “What I think is awesome about the chamber is that it creates a venue to the businesses in the community to really make them aware. I just know for me, being a part of the Chamber, it has helped me realize a lot of things. It’s just educating, it’s educating all the businesses in the community.”

Karen continued, “I’m a big believer in giving back. At W.F. Hann we’ve been very fortunate, we’re doing well, and I also realize that we go into homes 24/7. Everybody gets so busy in their day to day and they lose sight of what others are going through. I can’t believe the outpouring that I got to come out and help. It’s just a big thank you from W.F. Hann to the community.”

We are proud to say The Chamber has logged in over 244 volunteer hours in just 9 months!
Thank you to everyone for your support!

W.F. Hann Chamber Volunteers pictured above are: Top Row: Chris Wright, Billy Werman, Jacob Hardin, John Kuskovich, Brad Mix, Karen Johnson, Chuck Goins, Darren Lloyd, Chad Wood Rick Crowell, Mike Skolaris, Bottom row: Joe Azzano, John Jewitt, Mike Sabo, Lindsey Sambula, Donna Kaleal, Dave Herbst


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