[VIDEO] Changing The Mindset Of Your Team

Flo Brett, Effective Leadership Academy

Changing the mindset of your team begins with YOU. The question was asked “Are Leaders Born or Made?” Leaders are Made and with that we realize we all have the potential to become a leader. Are you a manager or a leader?

Your mindset can be either a Fixed Mindset or a Growth Mindset. A person with a fixed mindset tends to avoid failure, desires to look smart, avoids challenges, sticks to what they know, takes feedback and criticism personally, they don’t change or improve. A Growth mindset is someone who desires continuous learning, confronts uncertainties, embraces change, is not afraid to fail, puts a lot of effort to learn, feedback is about current capabilities.

  • Leaders are made
  • Leaders inspire
  • Leaders have a growth mindset
  • Leaders grow
  • Leaders embrace change

The number one cost to employers is rehiring – we need to get it right the first time. There is an alarming statistic according to the Department of Labor that the average tenure of an employee in the United States is 1.5 years.

Harvard University, Carnegie Foundation and Stanford Research Center (2016) has concluded that 85% of job success comes from having well developed soft and people skills.

When we look at developing our team, changing the mindset of our team, we may need to look beyond the typical hard skills training and follow a new path.

Do you:

  • have weekly meetings when your team sets goals?
  • do your team members have regular reviews with their immediate supervisor?
  • when was your last team development day – how many do you have a year?
  • if you are the leader/manager do you know the personal goals of your team members?
  • are you invested in the growth of your team/organization?
  • could you go back today and do something different today?

About Flo Brett

Since serving as the Training and Development Lead and Clinical Governance Manager at University Hospitals of Leicester United Kingdom, Flo has built a reputation for developing and implementing action-based, team-building strategies, goal achievement plans and positive attitude programs that help individuals and teams reach their full potential. flo@effectivela.org