Sales Tip #616: Price Conditioning

Sales Tip #616: Price Conditioning

Sales Tip #616: Price Conditioning

Are you waiting until the end of the sale for the customer to tell you your price is too high? That means you are not doing any Price Conditioning.

1. Establish Trust
Establish trust by acknowledging and understanding their budget, asking about their experience so far, and making sure they know more about the process once you leave than they did in the beginning.

2. Know Your Numbers
Price conditioning is meant to set accurate and realistic price expectations.

3. Feel the Timing
Like many sales concepts, price conditioning is not a science; it is an art. You can’t introduce the realistic price too early because you may not have all the information you need. At the same time, you can’t introduce it too late.

4. Present the Price in the Right Manner
Tone is critical when you present the new price expectation. You want to make sure you are confident, yet sincere; empathetic, yet unapologetic.

5. High, Low, Typical
When you present the price range, make sure you are providing a true range. That way, as you continue to explore the call and you discover things that need to be added or removed, you have the flexibility to do so. Always state the high end of the range first.

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