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Sales Tip #616: Price Conditioning

Sales Tip #616: Price Conditioning Are you waiting until the end of the sale for the customer to tell you your price is too high? That means you are not doing any Price Conditioning. replica panerai radiomir 1. Establish Trust Establish trust by acknowledging and understanding their budget, asking about their experience so far, and […]

Sales Tip #614: Get Wisdom!

Sales Tip #614: Get Wisdom! Have you ever heard the statement, “A wise person said nothing”? So how do you gain that wisdom? You can start with these four ways to gain wisdom: Gleaning from the collective knowledge of others. Thinking outside the box. Writing down and reflecting on what you have learned through experience. […]

Sales Tip #611: Learn to Listen!

Sales Tip #609: Learn to Listen! Building solid relationships, personally and professionally, requires you to be a good listener. People equate not listening to not caring. Here are five things you can do to improve your listening skills: 1. Listen without interrupting. 2. Try to understand their point of view, feelings, thinking, and needs. 3. […]