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GET MARVINIZED by The SalesDoctor@MarvinMontgomery.com. Author/Motivational Speaker/Professional Sales Trainer and Coach “Preparation and practice provide peak performance.”

Sales Tip #548 Be Tenacious

Be Tenacious The dividing line between winning and losing a sale isn’t always talent; it’s tenacity. Being tenacious, not pushy means this: (1) Giving it everything you have, not more than you have. That means giving 100% – not more, and certainly not less. (2) Working with determination instead of waiting on destiny. That means […]

Sales Tip #517 Customer Service Defined

 Customer Service Defined Customer service is produced at the instant of contact; it cannot be created in advance or held in reserve for readiness at a later date. Customer service cannot be centrally produced, inspected, stockpiled or warehoused. It is usually delivered wherever the customer is, by people who are beyond the immediate influence of […]

Sales Tip #496 The Doubt Close

The Doubt Close This is a great closing technique to use when the customer is expressing doubt about their purchase. The Doubt Close works by pre-empting their doubting thoughts. If you echo these thoughts, it saves them from having to think the same thoughts. When they accept these, they will begin to trust you and […]

Sales Tip #478 Territory and Time Management Strategies, Part 1

Territory and Time Management Strategies, Part 1 Territory/Business Management Know where your business is and is not Develop a written plan to sustain current business Follow your plan Develop a written plan on new business development Follow your plan Strive for completion rather than perfection Whittle while you work (Multi-tasking) Develop your own personal formula […]

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