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Sales Tip #478 Territory and Time Management Strategies, Part 1

Territory and Time Management Strategies, Part 1 Territory/Business Management Know where your business is and is not Develop a written plan to sustain current business Follow your plan Develop a written plan on new business development Follow your plan Strive for completion rather than perfection Whittle while you work (Multi-tasking) Develop your own personal formula […]

Sales Tip #474 Invisible Language, Part 1: “Actually”

Invisible Language, Part 1: “Actually” In this “Invisible Language” mini-series, I’ll discuss words/phrases that should be avoided when speaking with customers. They are almost always unnecessary and only serve to belittle the listener (in our case, customers/clients). “Actually” is the most common culprit, and it’s something we are all guilty of saying from time to […]

Sales Tip #466 Pre-Call Planning

Pre-Call Planning We have all heard the saying “When you fail to plan then plan to fail.” This also applies to how well you prepare for your Sales Call. Use the six pre-planning steps listed below as a checklist to determine how prepared you really are for the appointment. Research Your Prospect Know the Prospect’s […]

Sales Tip #459 Your Outcome Can Be Determined By Your Outlook!

Your Outcome Can Be Determined By Your Outlook! Have you ever heard of the Self-Fulling Prophecy? It refers to the socio-psychological phenomenon where someone “predicts” or expects something, and this “prediction” or expectation comes true simply because one believes it will. This happens because their resulting behaviors align to fulfill those beliefs. This suggests that […]

Sales Tip #446 Similar Is Not The Same

Similar Is Not The Same A common area of resistance a potential client might approach with is saying something like: “I’ve found similar products/services on the internet that are cheaper.” So what’s the response when the customer says they’ve explored similar options for less money? The immediate response should be “similar is not the same.” […]

Sales Tip #443 Close for the Follow-Up

Close for the Follow-Up? You should never end the conversation with a Prospect before agreeing on a specific date and time for the follow-up, especially if they haven’t committed to purchase your product or service. Verify your next follow-up, then, send a meeting request for confirmation. If it’s a phone call, get their direct dial […]

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