Ways to Boost Your Business in the Summer

Ways to Boost Your Business in the Summer

Business can get slow in the summer for some small businesses. While tourists are off visiting vacation spots and staying in hotels and Airbnbs, local retail shops may see a significant dip in sales. Plus, other than Father’s Day and Independence Day, the summer months of June through August lack the need for holiday gift-giving. There are also more opportunities for outdoor events, which can pull revenue dollars elsewhere.

What can entrepreneurs do to retain customers and grow business during the summer? Constellation says it’s still important to stay connected to your customers throughout the summer, but you may need to embrace a different approach.

  • What are you doing online? Having an interactive and engaging presence on your social media channels can show your customers you are still open for business. It’s a great way to stay connected and let them know about sales when they’re not typically dropping by the store.
  • Is your website mobile-friendly? A retail shop or small business worried about losing in-store sales should focus on enhancing its website’s e-commerce capabilities. It’s also a way to share information about in-store events and specials.

  • Is your marketing automated? If business is slow, set up your emails and social posts to publish on a schedule. It will keep your content fresh and consistent.

Find more tips on keeping small business summer customers engaged in the full article.

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