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Recognizing Nonprofits and Charities Can Enhance Partnerships and Boost Your Business

How partnerships with local community nonprofit and charity organizations can increase your business’ influence and sales. National Nonprofit Day is approaching next Wednesday, August 17. Has your business made any beneficial partnerships with a local nonprofit? Have your employees spent time working alongside volunteers? Has your business gained more customers or influence thanks to a […]

How Small Businesses Grow During Back-to-School Season Without Selling School Supplies

How Small Businesses Grow During Back-to-School Season Without Selling School Supplies August hits and the back-to-school fever begins. While retail shops can deck their stores with school-related supplies, other business owners may be wondering how they can capitalize on one of the most popular consumer seasons of the year. In an article from Journal & […]

Commit Your Business to a Learner Mindset and Watch it Grow

Employee retention and organizational productivity are at the top of the list for businesses focused on cultivating a growth mindset culture. Why does your business need a learner mindset? Entrepreneurs dedicated to keeping an open mind and trying new things find more opportunities to grow their business. Getting employees involved in professional development and offering […]

Use National Workaholics Day to Recognize Employees That Go Above and Beyond

Did you know there’s a special holiday for recognizing the “workaholics” on your team? National Workaholics Day is recognized annually on July 5th. By definition, a workaholic is an individual that compulsively works long and hard hours. You can identify these employees by observing if they seem to be putting work before their own needs. […]

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