Sales Tip #496 The Doubt Close

Sales Tip #496 The Doubt Close

The Doubt Close

This is a great closing technique to use when the customer is expressing doubt about their purchase.

The Doubt Close works by pre-empting their doubting thoughts. If you echo these thoughts, it saves them from having to think the same thoughts. When they accept these, they will begin to trust you and hence will be ready to accept
suggestions of other things to think.

You can express their doubt either about the product, price, or the readiness of the person for the product, but make this a relatively weak and easily challenged statement.

Make sure you pause to let the person disagree, which a contradicting person will almost certainly do. If they do not challenge your doubt, then smoothly continue with a summary of everything so far.

I don’t know if this product is the right thing for you.
I’m not sure if you’re ready for this.

Try this technique the next time your customer is uncertain about making the purchase. It works!

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