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Sales Tip #517 Customer Service Defined

 Customer Service Defined Customer service is produced at the instant of contact; it cannot be created in advance or held in reserve for readiness at a later date. Customer service cannot be centrally produced, inspected, stockpiled or warehoused. It is usually delivered wherever the customer is, by people who are beyond the immediate influence of […]

How Will My Business Survive Another Lockdown?

The WHACC is happy to share this article sent to us by NOACC, originally written by marketer Christina R. Metcalf and distributed by FrankJKenny.com. The next couple of months will be telling ones. We’re not saying a lockdown is inevitable, but a lot of communities have spent the past week or so escalating their precautionary levels and this […]

Forging an Attitude of Gratitude

As I was studying my favorite book again this week, I was reminded of an incredible leader, Paul, who had been imprisoned, shackled, and facing severe persecution. Yet, he still encouraged his followers to rejoice no matter the circumstances. We can learn a lot from Paul… especially as we approach Thanksgiving during COVID-19, a pandemic […]

Doctrine of Mistake

Doctrine of Mistake Mistake and Contract Formation Is a mistaken belief enough to void a contract? Is there anything that a party with a mistaken belief can do to get out of a contract or reform its terms after signing? Is there a difference between a mistake of fact and a simple buyer’s remorse? Depending […]

Insurance Coverage for COVID-19

Insurance Coverage for COVID-19 Can Insurance Companies be Sued for Failing to Provide Business Interruption Coverage Related to COVID-19? Many businesses continue to struggle from mandatory closures and other operating restrictions caused by COVID-19. Not surprisingly, companies are now turning to their insurance carriers to mitigate their income losses. During the past several months, over […]

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