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Credit, Debit and Fraud Prevention

Consumers today rely heavily on credit and debit cards to make purchases both large and small. How many of us, after all, pay cash when fueling our cars? And then there’s online shopping. Most of us don’t hesitate to order online. Some of us even use a card to purchase coffee on our morning commute. […]

6 Signs of a Healthy Business

The WHACC is happy to share this article sent to us by NOACC, originally written by marketer Christina R. Metcalf and distributed by FrankJKenny.com. Many of us have spent this year concerned over the health of our businesses or those in the community. Ultimately, a healthy business has a good balance sheet. It has more coming in than […]

How Do I Motivate Others?

As many organizations struggle with motivating employees and volunteers, a common question continues to surface. How do I motivate others? Briefly, I will share four tips from John Maxwell’s perspective. 1. Start with Motivated People. The best way to create a culture of motivation is to start with those who are already motivated. If you […]

Best Practices for B2C Auto-Renewing Service Agreements

Best Practices for B2C Auto-Renewing Service Agreements Auto-renewing, subscription-based contracts have long been in favor among health clubs and mobile phone vendors. But today, more businesses, including many software and mobile application providers, are also moving away from one-time purchase prices in favor of the auto-renewing subscription model. Auto-renewal can be beneficial to both the […]

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