Sales Tip #616: Price Conditioning

Sales Tip #616: Price Conditioning Are you waiting until the end of the sale for the customer to tell you your price is too high? That means you are not doing any Price Conditioning. 1. Establish Trust Establish trust by acknowledging and understanding their budget, asking about their experience so far, and making sure they […]

Managing Vendor Relationships

You need your suppliers. They need you as well. It is a win-win relationship between you and your vendors. However, it takes effort; it does not just happen. Managing your vendor relationships is essential to ensure a steady supply of materials or services that you can use for your products or to enhance your services. […]

A Better Way to Learn

The samurai-ninja-gangster way to ingest and digest ridiculous amounts of information is by saying: 1) “Hell No” to reading non-fiction books cover-to-cover, and 2) “Oh, Hell Yes” to non-linear reading. You can get 80 percent of the knowledge you need from a non-fiction book, in 10 percent of the reading time, by using one of […]

Leaders Need to Let Creativity Flow

Is there such a thing as an unsolvable problem? I believe the answer is a resounding NO! Every problem has at least one solution. As leaders (including soon-to-be leaders), our job is to help others–and ourselves–unleash their latent creativity to discover the solutions. I enjoy brain teasers because these tests force me to think differently […]

Affordable Marketing Strategies for Startups

Although running a startup business can be exciting, there is much strategic planning involved to get customers without breaking your spending budget. By using minimal resources for optimal impact, you can market your startup in affordable ways. Below are some strategies to help market your startup effectively and gain a loyal customer base eager to […]

Sales Tip #614: Get Wisdom!

Sales Tip #614: Get Wisdom! Have you ever heard the statement, “A wise person said nothing”? So how do you gain that wisdom? You can start with these four ways to gain wisdom: Gleaning from the collective knowledge of others. Thinking outside the box. Writing down and reflecting on what you have learned through experience. […]

Does grassroots marketing still work?

A grassroots marketing campaign can keep your costs low, grow your brand’s influence, and increase your business’ audience. With a highly-targeted approach to spreading your message, a grassroots marketing campaign can help your business get to a new level.  What is grassroots marketing? Instead of using guerrilla marketing to reach a massive audience, grassroots marketing […]